Brillo Products

As a demonstration of Digital Image’s capabilities, we chose to hand craft highly accurate 3D models of three Armaly Brands product bottles using actual physical bottles for reference. Sno Bol (16 FL OZ.), and Parsons’ Ammonia (28 and 56 FL OZ.) We used the models to then create images and animation.

There are several benefits of CGI over photography. Lighting and file output can be consistent across multiple products or especially if there is a label or package change. As there are typically pre-determined sizes, file types and naming conventions required for different uses, we recommend making those part of our delivery so you get what you need. If there are updates, we re-deliver the to the same specifications, making layout or website updates seamless.

As part of  our advanced product visualization, you can avoid costly working prototype development and present your ideas before they physically exist. We make your product concepts tangible by creating realistic virtual versions from sketches, photos, computer data or even verbal descriptions. Our experts use custom techniques to hand craft virtual representations of your products with the highest level of detail and accuracy.