Product Visualization
We can model any complex organic or geometric form you need, then bring it to life with realistic textures and lighting. The varied specialties of our talented 3D artists combine to realize your vision and open a world of unlimited possibilities.

We provide advanced product visualization, so that you can avoid costly working prototype development and present your ideas before they physically exist. We make your product concepts tangible by creating realistic virtual versions from sketches, photos, computer data or even verbal descriptions. Our experts use custom techniques to hand craft virtual representations of your products with the highest level of detail and accuracy. Want to see more of our 3D/CGI Product work? Click here.


3D Animation
Inform and inspire your customers through the visual storytelling power of animation. Our computer generated (CG) animation services can demonstrate product features that may be impractical or impossible to show using any other method. We can create any kind of visual effects your project requires, and fully integrate everything together into a cohesive and engaging visual message.

Digital Assets
Virtual products or existing product photography can be modified to show various options in multiple environments, allowing you to keep all of your marketing materials up to date as product designs change. From video and animation to print and web, virtual products can be used in a variety of ways; showcasing every characteristic, option and detail.

Using a simulator as an effective training tool can save significant cost and even potential liability in the case of large equipment and vehicle training. Digital Image Studios can create a custom simulator for your industry or or specific corporate needs allowing you to train, score and evaluate candidates or keep current employee skills sharp.