At Digital, we offer full production services including cinematography, videography, creative direction, art direction and talent casting. Our experienced production staff coordinate every detail and provide all the resources required to meet the needs of your next project.

Allow your audience to gain a clear understanding of your products and services through video. Training Videos and Corporate Image pieces communicate important information to energize your employees and excite your customers. Broadcast commercials allow your company’s message to reach a large audience in an instant. From television spots to event show video walls and massive stadium LED boards, we help you deliver your message in any format to audiences around the world.

Script Writing and Storyboarding
We can help you develop a great script, so that your message is communicated effectively and consistently every time it is presented. Our creative direction helps you organize ideas and develop new perspectives from which to present your products and services. We work through the storyboarding process to develop a detailed plan of action that is used throughout the creation process to deliver a successful finished product.

Motion Graphics
Animated graphical elements provide additional information and visual support to any video or animation. On-screen text summarizing main points, logos and other design features all help to accentuate the overall message.

Creative Video Editing
Digital’s post production services encompass everything from video editing to compositing. By utilizing elaborate CGI and special effects such as running footage replacement and motion capture, and using color grading and finishing techniques to set the style and mood, we bring your vision to life. Using our technical and production expertise, Digital Image Studios merges the physical and virtual worlds into cohesive visuals that tell the story of your company and your products.