When does CGI make sense?

  • When the ideal demo environment is not available due to physics, distance, weather, or budget.
  • When the current photo and video gear is unable to capture your features and benefits.
  • When the product doesn’t even exist (yet).

Digital Image’s CGI is ideal for highlighting features, accessories, variations, configurations and the important details that set your products apart. We will work with you to ensure accuracy, authenticity and visual consistency with your brand across product lines. And we specialize in painless product updates – in both motion and still images – to make sure your sales materials are always current.

CGI Animation | Visual Effects



From product catalog imagery to hero shots, and training content for retail sales professionals to social media assets that drive consumer engagement, we’re ready to integrate your product, branding and visual direction to achieve your marketing, sales and production goals.

When you’re ready to really dig in on your visual communication goals and needs, please contact Hy Safran via phone (248 ) 477 5600 ext 168. or via email: [email protected]


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