A few relevant examples for your review:
Based on our conversation, we have selected some of our work as requested to demonstrate how our team has translated complex mechanical products and concepts into easily digestible presentations.



Digital Image Medical Reel

Digital Image specializes in medical product and procedure animation for marketing and instruction in video, interactive and print.

CGI Animation | Visual Effects | Compositing



Reverse Distraction Device Animation

This animation illustrates a procedure correcting the effects of pediatric hydrocephalus on the skull using Stryker Skull Distractors.
When it comes to surgical procedures, CGI and animation helps to display product features in a clear and easily understandable visual format for training purposes, patient education or promotional purposes.

CGI Animation | Visual Effects | Audio Post



Medical Device Virtual Product

Through product visualization, so that you can avoid costly working prototype development and present your ideas before they physically exist.
We make your product concepts tangible by creating realistic virtual versions from sketches, photos, computer data or even verbal descriptions.
Our experts use custom techniques to hand craft virtual representations of your products with the highest level of detail and accuracy.
Want to see more of our 3D/CGI Product work? Click here.

3D/CGI | Product Visualization



Getting Started
Inform and inspire your customers through the visual storytelling power of animation. Our computer generated (CG) animation services can demonstrate product features that may be impractical or impossible to show using any other method.

Whether you have immediate project needs or if you would like to discuss what we could do for you on possible future projects, contact Bill Scott via phone (248 ) 477 5600 ext 142. or via email: [email protected]