Ford Truck Personal Safety System Animation

An ideal use for CGI Animation is demonstrating something that is difficult or impossible to do otherwise. We created CG vehicles by optimizing Ford’s CAD data, and turning it into clean, low polygon models. A short reference video was provided demonstrating airbag deployment. However, it was limited, so we researched numerous other sources to determine how to create realistic-looking motion for the airbags, as well as all of the other safety features. Working from various other references, we created each object in 3D and animated its functionality.

We developed 3D cloth simulations to accurately portray airbag expansion, and animated seat belt movement by simulating different forces acting on an object. We animated the motion of seat and steering wheel adjustments as well, and also showcased the safety cage inside the body of the vehicles.

To save the client time and money on this project, drivers were visualized in silhouette. This technique provided a solution to the limited time and budget, while adding to the clean look and feel of the animation. The 3D modeling and animation process allows the flexibility and control to reach the desired result. Using CG animation techniques, a nearly impossible and definitely not practical scenario to record in the real world, was created at a fraction of the cost and with better results.

Silver Telly Award Winner – Ford Truck Personal Safety animation for Team Detroit

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