Ford “Indy Auto Show” Commercial

Ford Dealer TV Spot for Global Team Blue featuring the Mustang Boss 302, Focus, F-150, Explorer and Escape

At Digital Image Studios, we are always finding ways to get the most mileage possible out of our 3D models and video assets. For this project, the 3D scene and video footage were set up to allow different vehicle models to be swapped in and out, and backgrounds to be easily changed. This made it possible to create additional videos for other similar commercial spots without starting from scratch.

The camera angles chosen, and creative direction given, also made it easier for updates to be made as needed, without having to redo the entire spot each time. The elements were versatile enough to be used for the Ford Indianapolis Auto Show spot and then re-purposed for use in other sales even commercials and local commercial spots for the several months following the original broadcast.

All of the vehicles were modeled in 3D starting with CAD data. Using our model optimization process, we cleaned up the large, data-intensive files and ended up with low polygon models for use throughout the rest of the visualization and animation process. We developed cloth simulations in 3D for the vehicle reveals as well.

Vehicle models were switched out in 3D and animation frames were rendered. Then the render footage was edited and retouched in video post production to fit into the rest of the scene. City skyline backgrounds were added in post production as well, and motion graphics were created to complete each spot. Audio By Oracle 

CGI |  Audio Post by Oracle Post