Ford Taurus SHO Performance Animation

Working with a minimal amount of less-than-optimal footage, Digital put together this high-quality broadcast spot for the Ford Taurus SHO. Ford gave us images and footage of an outdoor environment; we received back plate photography to create a full 360-degree background environment, and blank running footage shot with a GoPro camera attached to a car bumper. By editing together the images and scraps of footage, and adding in visual effects, we built a world for our CG car.

To create the CG vehicle for this animation, we started from CAD data and then created an optimized model to work with. We created the car exterior as well as its interior and mechanical elements in 3D. The CAD models we work from are large, data-intensive files with very dense meshes, so we use an optimization process that is a bit of an art and a science, to clean up the models. These optimized models streamline the visualization and animation process. The end result is a low polygon mesh ideal for use across our 3D and animation platforms but with enough detail to produce high-end visuals.

Once the footage and 3D models were ready to work with, we tracked and dropped our 3D modeled vehicle into the environment. As opposed to running footage replacement, where a vehicle already exists in the footage to track a new vehicle on top of, with blank footage we had to create our own tracking guide to then drop a vehicle onto. Essentially, we had to determine where the car should sit on the road through a combination of various references. From there, we rendered out the animation frames and added effects in post production, like the dirt we also tracked onto the road. Through editing and compositing, we produced an end result that came together into a seamless and cohesive video.

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