HGTV “Hidden Potential” CGI Animation

Digital Image Studios worked with the staff of HGTV’s weekly broadcast series “Hidden Potential” to visualize how average home interiors could be transformed into inviting upscale living spaces with the right design plan using CGI animation. Focusing on 3 different options per episode, we worked with the show’s interior designers to bring their vision to life in 3D. We modeled custom structures and furniture, and rendered out walk-through animations complete with realistic materials and lighting. At Digital, we were able to develop a pipeline for a project of this size very quickly; training artists with minimal architectural design experience to produce this type of work, and consistently meet all the needs of the client.
Working several months ahead of air-dates to meet tight weekly approval deadlines, Digital was able to meet and even come in ahead of schedule on many occasions. This allowed us to populate the show’s library with episodes ready on demand, so that even with timing setbacks on down the line, there would still be episodes ready to broadcast each week during the television season.

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