SoftVue™  Discover Breast Ultrasound campaign

SoftVue™ is a unique breast ultrasound system that uses gentle sound waves in water that circle 360° around the whole breast, creating 3D images. The SoftVue™ Discover Breast Ultrasound campaign was created to enroll 10,000 qualified women volunteers to receive imaging at participating medical facilities. The program will collect anonymous images and medical information from volunteers to help scientifically determine if more cancers are found when SoftVue™ is added to yearly mammography screening, compared to mammography only.

Using custom still and video shoots to target a diverse demographic, Digital Image produced informational IRB-approved campaign materials featuring four themes for each participating facility to choose from.  This allowed the locations to select the theme they felt would resonate best with their patient demographic. To present these themed choices, the campaign materials were sent in a branded SoftVue™ box containing four themed folders. Within each folder included a postcard, flyer, brochure, letterhead and a reduced-size version of a 24″ x 36″ poster. Some facilities required a unique version of a theme to adhere to their strict branding guidelines.

A logo and mobile-friendly website were also created to provide further information. It also includes applicant eligibility and informational animations showing the SoftVue™  process. The professional medical feel of the brand elevated the perception of the company in the marketplace to match the reality of their ground-breaking products.

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