SweeperSIM™  Power Sweeper Simulator

The number one problem in the sweeper industry is finding qualified people and then properly training them to drive machines that cost $90,000 or more. Proper sweeping techniques with modern machines have become more complex and the cost of operation has increased accordingly. Companies need to be more selective in choosing the the right candidates to become operators. SweeperSIM™ by Digital Image Studios is the tool to address training and qualifying operators entering the parking lot sweeping business.

SweeperSIM™ is a power sweeper simulator allows the training of new parking lot sweeper operators in a simulated sweeping environment which measures their performance against best-practice benchmark criteria.

This simulator helps screen, test and validate new drivers and develop their skill sets before putting trainees behind the wheel of a real truck.

Detailed simulator controls feature a realistic steering wheel, accelerator, brake and reverse foot pedals plus sweeper controls including broom and head controls. The simulator is set at night in a large retail parking lot which features a variety of obstacles such as shopping carts, potholes, speed bumps, islands, cart corrals, lighting fixtures and more in addition to handpicking debris objectives.

The simulation also includes a standard debris pattern of common parking lot trash, based on where debris naturally tends to accumulate as a result of the influence of human behavior and the environment. All of these variables are objectives, which are scored at the end of each session to measure and develop the mental awareness required to perform parking lot sweeping in the most efficient manner.

To learn more, visit: www.sweepersim.com

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